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Etsy Craft Party 2014 in Melbourne: A Night to Recapture Memories

etsy craft party wall decor

The world is made of beautiful things. And if you don’t think so, then let’s make it beautiful! I am so grateful that I joined the Etsy community just in time for a wonderful global celebration – Etsy Craft Party. Truly, it is a one-day celebration of meeting and making. This year, Etsy set the theme to “Recapture“. The main purpose is to bring new meaning to old photographs.

We all know how I love a good party and I had to attend my first ever Etsy Craft Party! The closest party to me was organized by Unleash Creative, a wonderful, full-of-life, creative red-haired woman Magdalena. She got hold of an awesome place to host the Etsy Craft Party – Frankie & Swiss, a boutique textile company based in Melbourne.

frankie&swiss textile cushions


We were told to bring old photographs/postcards to embroider on. This is my handiwork. I never thought that I would enjoy sewing so much, and I fell in love with beading! I am a very digital artist kind of person, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

backstitch postcard with beads and embroidery floss

I met all sorts of beautiful people who specialize in all sorts of creative trades at the party. There were a lot of mingling and chatting with each other, we brought some snacks to pass around and we drank Madame Flavour tea!

creative people from the Etsy Craft Party

I am so happy that I got to meet people from all walks of life. Some were moms, some were working, some not working, some were still students; and they do what they do just because they love it, while trying to make ends meet. They were all lovely people who love making things, do things that are related to craft, and create things. Basically, people like me.

Etsy even provided some of the supplies we use for the craft party, like embroidery floss and needles, and these cute little cups and sweets!

I am so happy I made it to my first Etsy Craft Party. I have had so much fun! And I found out I’m pretty good with back-stitching *winks* Just imagine, next Saturday my Etsy shop will be one month old. I am definitely going to keep going, do what I love and get better at my craft. This awesome night at the Etsy Craft Party has just inspired me to do that even more.

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