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Inspiration Hunt Weekend!

Don’t we all love to do two things with a single action? It is convenient to do both so to save time and effort to do it only once. No I’m not lazy, but you can say I work smart, not work hard :) This weekend I went to two markets showcasing other artists’ work and merchandise, and I met some really talented people. 

Besides searching online for video tutorials on improving my skills, I also draw inspiration from life itself. Once in a while I go to all sorts of markets to look at what other creative people are doing, and meet people along the way. Sometimes we talk and we learn a little bit about each other.

Today, I went to a fashion market at Box Hill Town Hall. The Round She Goes marketplace is an award-winning indoor fashion market dedicated to women’s pre-loved fashion.


Just look at it! Isn’t it great? I am somewhat interested in fashion and it plays a huge part in my artistic development. A good artist needs to have an eye for matching colours, patterns, textures etc to produce an interesting piece of work.


I bought this lovely little dress from Bev (who is a really lovely lady) at the market. I love it a lot and I will definitely save this dress for spring! Looking forward already :)

Sadly, I’ve only had so much time to quickly browse through the whole market, because I need to be at another place as well. And I left Round She Goes quite contently and headed for my next stop.

Located at Chapel St, South Yarra, Etsy has hosted a pop-up marketplace at West Elm – offering truly unique modern furniture and home decor.

Skilled Etsy makers displayed and sold in-store some of their unique vintage homewares and accessories.


And guess what? I bumped into an Etsy seller whom I have admired for her work ever since I laid eyes on them.

I only know her as Miss Poppy, and I was too starstruck tongue-tied to say or ask anything else other than I love her work. *blush*


Finally I am back at home after a long (but wonderful, very very wonderful) day. I daresay that I work hard, but I am enjoying myself as well – two birds with one stone, or rather two  markets in a day.

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